Huracan 300

Date: Jan 30th, 2016
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Loaction: Greenway Cycles, 3085 SE 80th St. Ocala, FL 34480

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The Huracan 300 Challenge is the ULTIMATE OFF-ROAD ENDURANCE EXPERIENCE in the state of Florida.
The route features over 100-miles of singletrack, many remote miles of double track forest roads and abandoned paths, and a few miles of pavement here-and-there. During the route riders cross numerous forests, The Cross Florida Greenway, two mountain bike parks and miles of some of Florida’s longest and hardest climbs. That’s right, we said long and hard.

This year there is only one available class and that is Solo Self Supported. No stages, just ride ’till you finish.

Fastest overall time wins. Sound like a challenge?

Please checks the RULES, any rule violation results in a severe time penalty.
Race Detail:

The Huracan Challenge is a loop – you finish where you begin.

Total mileage +/-300 miles.

Event begins: Saturday, January 30th at 8am. At Santos MTB trailhead and riders can choose to go clock wise or counter clockwise.

There is no entry fee and their are no prizes, this is a ride for HONOR and bragging rights.

ITT format is the original and hardest category to race. You agree to complete the route under your own power following the self supported rules with no pre-arranged outside assistance.

To navigate the route a GPX file will be provided. From that file riders may make their own cue sheets and print their own map.

1. Riders must complete the loop on their bike, being propelled in no way shape or form by a motor vehicle and following the route provided in the GPX within a 100-foot deviation.

2. ALL riders may draft and assist one another freely during the event. Riders are able to assist or help each other any way they see fit while on route. This is to bring about a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood (sisterhood). Some racing ITT may feel it more pure to not draft, or take food and water. Honorable, but not against the rules to do so for this event. Be nice, and ask if you can draft….

3. If at any time a rider enters, climbs or rides in any type of motor vehicle, he is officially withdrawing from the challenge and his time will no longer be counted or recognized.

4. Use of GPS, cell phones and any navigational apps are allowed anytime during the race, BUT MAY NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHECK TRACKLEADERS.COM FOR OTHER RACERS LOCATION.

5. Use of public/private/commercial/Trail Magic/ services are allowed any time during the race. Trail Magic is the kindness of a stranger and works off the philosophy that it is a possible resource available to any other racer on the course.

6. The clock starts at the beginning of the stage at 6am and stops when you reach the finish. There is only one stage – rest as you need, but the clock keep ticking.

7. Fastest time wins.

8. You must start and end the event on the same bike with which you began the event.

9.For safety riders are required to carry a satellite Spot tracking unit. Details on how to obtain the Spot unit will be shared with racers via email.