Help Support the Cross Florida Mountain Bike Route

Since Singletrack Samurai was established in 2006, I have mapped over 1400 miles of mostly off road route in the State of Florida. Have hosted many events in and out of state, showing folks the love of riding dirt roads, and touring off road routes. The influence of what I have created here runs deep as you can see by the numerous gravel grinding and off road events that sprout and increase in the state each year. My Love for riding and touring on dirt has reached far into the spirit of Florida riders, and Riders all across the Nation!

This has been Labor of Love, and I have a distinct talent to architect these routes. For years I have put in countless of hours of work, out of Love and passion.
In 2013, we put a pay pal link at and started asking for donations. Amazingly enough, people donated. Those donations in return, INCREASED how fast I can get work done. The reality is, I don’t do this full time, I work a normal nine to five job, and make a wage that keeps me just above the poverty line, and I am thankful for all I have.
The support of my friends and Family is always appreciated.

NOW, I am moving forward. This Year we officially opened up the North South Cross Florida mountain bike route, AKA, the Florida Divide which spans 850 miles from Fargo Georgia to Flamingo Florida. This August 1st, I plan to start the final process of getting an established route, from Alabaman to Flamingo. This connection will Add another 600 miles of mostly off road route to our existing Cross Florida mountain Bike route system.

After I am done in Florida, my next project is the Eastern Continental Divide. This is a much bigger project, and I have already enlisted the help of countless individuals to get this project done. Hopefully in the next decade, we will have our own Eastern Continental Divide route, with alternates, stretching from Nova Scotia to Key West Florida.

This is where you can get involved and help. Usual Scouting and routing, cost about 1$ a mile. Thru intense budgeting, I can get a trip to cost about .43 cents a mile.
The scouting trip I am doing In August Spans over 800 miles and I am asking my followers who are able, to please consider making a donation of any amount to help me Scout and do what I do, to help get folks like you, out there riding dirt, and discovering the beauty of off road riding and touring.

Your support will go a long way to make sure, that I can not only complete this trip, but also, make sure that the work that goes into scouting resupplies and writing trail guides, gets completed as well.

Please consider donating today and make a contribution for the future of the Cross Florida Mountain Bike route. Donations can be made on this website.

Thanks ahead of time,

The NaKeD InDiaN