The Tao of the Singletrack Samurai

It's been an amazing journey to watch the evolution of off road riding in the state of Florida.  Truly incredible to see the riders taste evolve and become refined.  Its Exciting, To see the desire for new  and and never done before experiences,  embraced with so much passion, by the masses.  It's a beautiful thing to see and be a part of.

I am grateful for the state of affairs.  It has made the past decade interesting to say the least.  So many miles, so many adventures, so many things discovered and shared.  I appreciate each and every rider that has trusted me enough, to come down to one of my events, and ride one of my rides.   

The relationship has been mutually beneficial.  I think folks have been having a lot of fun down in Florida, have felt challenged by the terrain, and have felt super confident in recommending that others come on down and take on some of the back country we have to offer. 

The word Samurai means to Serve.   I serve by sharing.  I serve by inviting each and every one of you to come experience what the routes have to offer.

This new website is part of the evolution, something I have been wanting to do for years.  I will forever be grateful To Ryan Schroeder, the creator of the original web site and the person generous enough to buy the domain and give it to me.  There are  just no words to ever express how thankful I have been from all individuals that have displayed extraordinary generosity.  

That is one of the many reasons I stay passionate about the mission of Singletrack Samurai and continue to create routes, new challenges, and add new dynamics to the experiences we have shared for so many years.

I think the time is upon us where folks might want to hear a little more about what I had to say.  For those that arent in the "know", Singletack Samurai started  as a blog.  In that blog I shared my stories and experiences, my fears, my concerns, it was organic and authentic.  But with the prolification of social media, I felt that folks where  embracing a more real time experience, so I moved my experiences to other platforms.  Part of the goal of the new site is to share more stories about rides I have done in the past and tell folks a little more about the back story that only a select few get to hear.

Welcome to the new site.  Welcome to 2018,  and welcome to the future of Singletrack Samurai.  There is more adventures to come, for us all, just hang out, join the rides and let things happen as they will.


Take Care

Photo By Wayne Keller

Photo By Wayne Keller