The FouR CoRNeRs of ONF Off Road Rando #2
to Oct 1

The FouR CoRNeRs of ONF Off Road Rando #2

20 hours or less.
Rules for the event , route will be finalized 1 month before the event, keep checking back to this page for the updated and final file.

Make a 5$ payment by using the ticket link in this event info.

Please start studying the NIGHT RIDING REQUIREMENTS as SPECIFIED by THE RULES and we will calibrate on what I want to see out there.
Restock info will be added to final file as well.
This is a serious back country ride. Do not for one second understimate the difficulty, be prepared.


Big Scrub Campground Ocala National Forest.

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	 2018 Tallahassee Tango
to Oct 8

2018 Tallahassee Tango

The Tallahassee Tango 160 is the first ultra endurance ITT in the Florida panhandle centered around the state capital’s finest singletrack as well as surrounding scenic double track, coastal levees, and forest roads.

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Fakahatchee grind
9:00 AM09:00

Fakahatchee grind

The Fakahatchee Grind is an opportunity to ride your Gravel bike or mountain bike through one of the most diverse and unique ecosystems in the state. The chance of you seeing a panther on this ride is In your favor.

This will be the Fifth Running of the Fakahatchee grind, Last year was a huge success so we are doing it again this year!!!

Start Location. We are starting at Fakahatchee HQ and they are offering camping for five dollars a night per person. Camping will be available for Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th. This is a spectacular opportunity to camp in one of the most unique habitats in the southeast. All Camping is primitive with water & bathrooms available.

Optimized Routes.

The Full Grind 85 miles total

The Half Grind 64 Miles total.

The Back Country offers a one of a kind backcountry experience. 45 Miles total.

All riders are self supported during the event.

Routes will be emailed to riders after registration is completed.

All riders will need to be able to navigate the route using one of three methods.

Gps with a gpx
Read a map
Or use the ride with gps app, with route downloaded off line. (cost some bucks)

Full Grind and Half Grind riders all get lunch and water stops, with some sodas and chips at the lunch location.

Back country riders will have potable water available.

The riding promises to be a a one of a kind experience.

Join the fun.

No Day off registration.

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Singletrack Samurai Talks At Elevate Daytona
5:00 PM17:00

Singletrack Samurai Talks At Elevate Daytona

Ultra Racing, route creation, biking and Bikepacking have been life changing experiences for me. Would love for a huge group of bikepackers to come and watch my talk, discussing some critical ways that these experiences have shaped my life. There will be several folks talking that night I am just one of many inspiring and insightful speakers. I hope you can join this event and support the Singletrack Samurai.

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Tour Divide Tech Talk
6:00 PM18:00

Tour Divide Tech Talk

Join me at Tech DeLand, Hosted at the Abbey bar in beautiful historic downtown DeLand.

Grab a cool beverage, some snacks and learn a little bit about my upcoming ride 3100 mile voyage on the Great Divide Mountain bike route. 
I will be focusing on the technology I use to tackle the route, safety equipment and navigation.
Nicholas Christopher will be discussing the technology we will use to document the experience.
So come check out the gear, the Tech and the cool stuff that goes into such a huge Bicycle challege!!!

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RoMp ARoUnD LaKe GeOrGe
7:00 AM07:00

RoMp ARoUnD LaKe GeOrGe

Offf road Rando 1 is Live,
These are the rules for this type of event.

You are on the honor system and are expected to follow the rules.

When you show up in the morning we will review the Checkpoints for the route to prove you pass through the required sections. 
Four Checkpoints per Route. 
Some foto checkpoints, some proof of purchase checkpoints.

EVERYONE Is self sufficient so be prepared, drafting is allowed, so is teamwork in route finding and navigating and moral support.

There is a time cut off for the event, if you dont finish the 200k in 13 hours and 30 minutes then you do not get a happy gold star for the route.

In order to obtain the title of OFF Road Rando you must complete all routes in the specified time ON THE SPECIFIED DATE.

We will start at the Myacca parking lot in Lake Woodruff preserve.
YOU may use whatever bike you want, route will be mostly hardpacked throughout, a hike or two is possible, go with the flow.

Hope you join the fun

To join event, please make a five dollar payment to the pay pal account listed in the ticket bracket..

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Renegade Run 2018
to Apr 29

Renegade Run 2018

This years ride is 100% confidential and only available to the first twenty riders that pay pal me at my email address in the amount of 10$

The Renegade run is an all night ride, starts at dusk ends at day break in the Ocala National Forest. NO SLEEP RIDE is a one of a kind adventure and includes, a Fire Fly viewing, a symphony of frogs, the 88 store and MORE..

To recap, 20 spots, 10$ each, details are secret and will be emailed only to participants.

NO MORE SPOTS AVAILABLE, email me to be put onto the waiting list.



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Tour of Southern Rural Vistas Bikepacking Overnight Gravel Ride
to Apr 15

Tour of Southern Rural Vistas Bikepacking Overnight Gravel Ride

  • Cairo Crossing Shopping Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Hello Fellow Adventurers,


The time of year is upon us, where we close out spring and start the summer blues. In the south, summer is a harsh time of year, so let's take advantage of the final days and enjoy a Sub 24 hour overnight adventure. Invite your family to meet you at CheHaw for the festivities, Great chance to INCLUDE the family versus leaving them at home because of how remote most bikepacking camps can be.


We are optimizing both dirt routes to insure the max dirt for mountain bike and gravel riders.

WE ARE DOING AN ALL ROAD ROUTE, for folks with skinny tires that want to join the fun.

Routes will be finalized and sent to registered riders four weeks before the event start.

This year we are switching it up and doing the day 2 ride out and the day 1 ride back.

NO GEAR SHUTTLE, if your family members plan to join ask them to bring your stuff. IF they plan to join please purchase a ticket for them as well under their name and info, even if they dont ride.

SO, Details...

All Riders on day 1 Saturday, Cairo to Chehaw in Albany:

75 miles of dirt or pavement to Chehaw for a traditional camp.

Your Small registration fee (30$) covers your camping fees,

Also covers Saturday Night Dinner(read pizza) and Adult Beverages(Read Beer)

All Riders on Day 2 Sunday, Chehaw to Cairo:

Your registration fee covers breakfast sandwiches and coffee before the roll out,

75 miles of Dirt or Pavement back to Cairo

Are you up for the challenge.

To recap, 150 miles round trip. Both skinny tires and fat tires. Both a mixed terrain ride and all pavement route, camp, beer, dinner and breakfast, ride loaded.

Sing up today, guranteed good time and beautiful route with spectacular views!


No day off registration and no refunds a week prior to the event

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Croom Doom & Beyond Off Road Rando #3
10:00 AM10:00

Croom Doom & Beyond Off Road Rando #3

This is the off road rando # 3. 
RUSA rules apply. 

CHeck ticketing information to pay for registration.

Exceptions can be made for tree fall debris that causes delays. Document and share with me later and I will make time adjustments as needed.

Check back one month before the event for the final file.

Although this route can be completed on skinny tires, its always reommended to run the fattest tires you can, there are some segments especially at the end of the epic route and in flying eagle that can be sandy.

thanks and enjoy!!!

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St Patty's Day Bikepacking Overnight
to Mar 18

St Patty's Day Bikepacking Overnight


Ok folks
we will roll promptly at 5:15 pm with a stop at centrail 28 for beer and food
Unlike the past events, we are not going to call this a beginner trip but an intermediate level trip, let me explain why.

Ride distance total will be less than 60 miles, will finalize and post the routes soon.

Riders who attend this ride will have to pack it in and pack it out.
No water expected at camp, possible filterable water, there will be a top off spot right before camp, we will use that and then pedal to camp. This means you will need to plan the water you will need for camp and then the water for next morning till we reach the stop for food in the morning.

IN the extreme case that someone just doesnt have shelter ad they want to attend, there is a spot we can camp at that has a shelter, BUT, I would rather pedal the 7 miles out to the remote camp that I want to take us too.

So be prepared, pony up and see you at the shop on March 17th.

We can get almost all the gear you need to bikepack,
Message me or come talk to me at the shop.



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