The Tally Tango

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Singletrack Samurai Productions Presents a Tallhassee Bikepacking Creation:

The Tallahassee Tango 160 is the first ultra endurance ITT in the Florida panhandle centered around the state capital’s finest singletrack as well as surrounding scenic double track, coastal levees, and forest roads.


Be prepared

Be ready for miles of undulating terrain, Long stretches of Coastal Levees and Miles and Miles of Ripping remote forest singletrack!  Traditionally the event is held the first Saturday in October.    Come back here to find a sign up link to join the fun!!!

Dont Miss out on This Unique Event!

Get the Route

Route creation is a tedious task that requires Annual involvement.  We ask that folks make a minimal donation of $20 if you just want the route, 30$ if you want the route and the patch.  The route gets sent as a google drive shared folder. You have to download the route out of the folder to utitlize the information.  The folder includes:

tally tango route.JPG
  • Route File GPX (need a program to open and view this file)

  • Route Trail Guide(updated every year once a year)

  • Route Waypoint files for relevant and key information.

  • My Brain to pick information from

Make your payment as friends and family and in the notes include your mailing address if you paid for the patch.  Patches are available while supplies last.  I regularly check the account and send out information and share the file throughout the day, each and everyday.  There may be delays if I am out scouting or riding, so please be patient.  Dropping me a friendly reminder via email doesnt hurt!


Collect the patch

Limited 2017 Patches available, use pay pal, send 7$ as friends and family, include your address and I will email you one of these.  Supplies are LIMITED.