A Lesson From Sherman

Sherman is my three year old Bonzai tree.  

I have always wanted to have not just one tree, but a whole clan of trees to care for, grow and nurture.  BUT, Sherman was my first, I have had three, two of which did not survive.

Recently Sherman taught me a big lesson that I wanted to share with everyone and felt that it was entirely too long to tell in a simple social media post.

Sherman has been doing well, and I wanted him to grow bigger.  Become Larger, with a thicker trunk.  I figured this was a simple task, put him in a bigger pot.

So I did, I put him in a bigger pot and started feeding him fertilizer.  

Well the soil looked dry and Sherman wasnt doing well.  SO I got real deal soil and put him in an even bigger pot thinking this would solve the problem.  

It didnt.  Sherman got worst.  I was worried I had killed him.  Worried that he was only days away from dying.

SO, in a last ditch effort, I put him back in his original pot, with fresh soil.  

And Lo and behold, Sherman started looking healthy again, with all sorts of budding leaves.

What did I learn?

All Living things deserve the opportunity to pursue their own path.  It is not by our own will that we can make any living thing take a path.  JUST cause  YOU desire that something take a path, doesnt mean that the being wants to follow that path.  YOU CANT force your will on anyone or anything, be it animal, insect  or in this case, Plant.

Thanks Sherman, for showing teaching me such a deep and valuable lesson.  I am overjoyed that we were able to sort it out and that you are doing well, looking so handsome in your tiny little POT.